Hello and welcome

Gran Living was founded in 2004 by Per and Kathrine Gran Hartvigsen, with the ambition to design and import quality home accessories. Today Gran Living delivers a broad range of private label design products to both high end chain stores and supermarkets in Northern Europe, based on a philosophy of design, quality and integrated concepts.


Meet the designers

Gran Living has a team of 4 talented designers with 4 different backgrounds.

Dorthe Helm is educated Textile Designer from Kolding School of Design. Dorthe Helm's work is characterized by her eye for details. Particularly reflected in her form language and in the way she combines colours and materials in a style that is graphical and colourful.

Nanna Gram is educated Product Designer from Aalborg University. Nanna designs products in a sculptural and experimental way and obs for combining materials and forms in new ways. In addition Nanna has great experience with commercial products for the broad target group where design, quality and price are united.

Helle Schou is educated Product Designer from Aarhus School of Architecture. Helle focuses on making function and aesthetics go hand in hand. In addition, it is important that a product tells a unique story that adds more value in its context. Helle ops for creating simple and delicate products, focusing on trends and customer needs.

Anne Stensgaard is educated Glassblower in Sweden and is furthermore Interior Designer educated from Teko Design & Business School. Anne has a great knowledge of different materials and her designs are characterized by a simple and clean style with focus on the materials and surfaces, which emphasize the product.


Gran Living always welcomes design ideas from talented designers.  
If you have created a design you find suitable for Gran Living, we welcome your design proposal.

Send design proposal to Per Gran Hartvigsen on pgh@granliving.dk